Where We Started

The P-IMS application started life as a tool for a Global company to roll out an Integrated Management System across 35 different operations across the globe. This included locations across the USA, Europe, Africa, India, Asia and Australia. The overall target was to roll out a global, company wide integrated management system that was consistent in all locations but that gave the flexibility for local entities to create their own documents, forms or procedures.


The Application was borne from the need to ensure that all locations had access to the Head Office globally developed content as well as their local forms an procedures. 


The system needed to be easily editable and securely accessible. This has been the ongoing philosophy for the application in its latest format and development. 


With the help of the application the company managed to get all locations ISO 9001 accredited within a 6 month period. Some already had a developed and acredited Quality System as well as HS&E Systems, others had nothing. 


This new development of the application now makes the tool accessible for all to use - either for a single entity or location or for multiple operations located across the globe.