Pragmatic-IMS as a Franchise Management application

Did you know that P-IMS can also be used to manage the presentation of standard Process Flows, Policies, Procedures and Forms to all your Franchise members? You can set up individual P-IMS sites that you control the content, who accesses the information and make it available for your franchisee. All this without the need for expensive software or complex databases. Everything is hosted in the cloud, so all users can access information pretty much everywhere.

  • Want to control what information the users can download? ------ P-IMS does that.

  • Want to be able to search for information by key words? ------P-IMS does that.

  • Want to be able to audit log who has accessed what info? ------P-IMS does that.

  • Want to develop all the content in MS Office but still publish to the cloud? ----- P-IMS does that.

If you want a demonstration, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have a demo environment that we can give you access to at the drop of a hat……well actually after we create you a user account……no hats are harmed in the creation of a user accounts.

This application is new and unique for the Franchise world.

Be one of the first to take advantage.

#Franchise #FranchiseManagement

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