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How would you like to provide your clients something unique that no other Consultant Company has?

How about having all your Clients documentation, processes, policies, procedures, forms etc all in one place and controlled only by you and their administrator. Sound too good to be true then why not have a look at P-IMS.

P-IMS is a new and innovative way to publish documentation to all your Clients in a Secure Portal that you control. You can set up as many Client sites as you require. You can provide them access to only their content while you can access all your individual Clients sites.

Update the content and all your Clients employees immediately get the latest version of the document.

Make your Clients information accessible anywhere – on their PC or Laptop or tablet or mobile phone.

Give them access to their latest Training Records, Calibration Certs, COSHH Assessments….in fact any document you can think of or that they may require.

P-IMS requires no app to download or keep up to date. In fact, you probably already have all the tools to develop the content as it is created in the MS Office suite of applications; Word, Excel and Visio. No need for costly software that ultimately goes out of date.

Please contact us to learn more.


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