Are you looking to exit a business?

When the time has come to pass your business on to new hands, the need to maximise the potential sale price becomes an important factor. Having a fully developed and communicated Business Management System, be that a Quality, Health and Safety or Environmental Management System will greatly increase the potential final Sales Price. Prospective purchasers view the definition and implementation of a well developed Integrated Management System highly when conducting their due diligence for a prospective purchase.

It has been shown that on top of financial performance, client base and future work load, a fully developed Business Management System that is effectively communicated and followed by the organisation can increase the potential multiplier for a business sales price.

With the use of the P-IMS tool and with the support of Pragmatic Integration let us help realise the maximum potential for your business when developing your exit plan.

Don't wast time - contact us today and realise your dream of maximsing all the hard work you have invested in growing your company.

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