Using P-IMS as a Fleet Management Tool

We have come up with a novel way of utilising the P-IMS application. How about using it as a Fleet Management Tool. Create a page that represents all the vehicles in your fleet. Publish to the P-IMS site and all your operatives can have access to any of the following;

- MOT Certificates,

- Insurance Documents

- Risk Assessments / Method Statements,

- Itinerary of all Tools and Equipment held,

- Copies of latest inspection or test certification,

- the list is endless.......

Don't forget this is accessible to all as it is all published onto your own unique secure internet page. Therefore if you can get access to the internet you can view or download the content - even onto a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Don't hesitate to contact us to find out more info or to get access to our Demo Site.

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