P-IMS Associate Consultant Programme

P-IMS is very pleased to announce the launch of their associate consultant programme. This is a great opportunity for any entrepreneurial business that is looking to expand their portfolio of services or solutions offered. An associate consultant is given the unique opportunity to set up a demonstration P-IMS site of their very own on which to present your own documentation or management processes. You will also have a demonstration login to the full P-IMS demo site to allow you to present the full potential of the application.

For all associate Consultants signed up to the programme that introduce a new client that subscribes to the P-IMS Application the consultant will receive a £250.00 referral fee per customer referred, regardless of the value of resulting subscription.

To qualify as an associate Consultant, you must be a registered company that has been trading for at least 12 months.

If you are interested in signing up to our associate consultant programme please contact me either via our website www.pragmatic-integration.com or email me directly at jonathan.buckett@pragmatic-integration.com

Don’t waste any time – sign up today. It cost nothing and gives you the opportunity to offer a unique service to your clients.

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