P-IMS Application

A simple step by step approach to publishing content


P-IMS prides it's self on being an easy and simple application to use. The whole process starts with something every company can develop - a Microsoft Office Document. You can link these documents together with simple hyperlinks and once uploaded to P-IMS the system recognises the links and creates a home for the next document. Once saved the content is published for all to view via a secure login and download if privileges allow. It is as simple as that!.  

Hyperlink Documents
STEP 1- Create documents and add Hyperlinks


Utilising the content you already have in any MS Office application, Word, Excel or VISIO. Create the process flows, policies and procedures without the need for complex downloaded applications. You have no need to download any new software!

Surf the document content
STEP 3 - Surf the published content


Since the P-IMS site converts the documents to HTML Web pages the content is displayed almost instantly. Each hyperlink on the document allows you to click onto say the next process flow, to a policy document or a standard form. Since this is all on the web it is accessible from any device; Laptop, Tablet or Mobile phone.

Uplod Docs to the app
STEP 2 - Upload the documents to P-IMS


If you have the administrator privilege you can access the Site Management Page. Here you can upload the previously created documents. When the system recognises the hyperlink it creates a new location to place the document that the link is destined for. All done automatically........Simple

Download the document
STEP 4 - Download the content


The admin controls allow you to give users the privilege to download the sites content to their device. This means that all users can have access to the latest form or procedure. Since the site content is easily maintained you can publish revisions to standard documents and make them available to all staff instantly. Now that is control!

Additional Features;

  • Only the latest up to date information - Change a document and it is instantly changed for all users

  • User Management - create accounts, read only or read and download

  • Audit the usage - see when users last logged on and what they looked at

  • Age a document - if a document has an expiry date the system will notify you when approaching the date

  • Archive old documents - The system will retain a copy of the old document and when it was changed

Click here or Contact us to get a log in to the Demo site. Alternatively we can demo the application via an online meeting where you can ask questions and see the system in action.