The commitment of resources required to breakout of the day to day workload, to analyse your business, define all of the process steps and create supporting policies and standard forms can prove expensive and is resource hungry. This is where the support of a Consultncy Service can really add buisness benefit.

Whether you are looking to develop a Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety or a fully Integrated Management System we are here to help.

Step by step process

To aid the route to ISO accreditation Pragmatic Integration has developed a tried and tested 6 Step process to start with nothing to eventual successful accreditation audit.


STEP 1 - On site Gap Analysis and Project Planning


STEP 2 - Business Process Mapping and Document Development


STEP 3 - System Implementation


STEP 4 - Action Planning


STEP 5 - Internal Audit and Management Review


STEP 6 - Accreditation Audit


Pragmatic Integration's experienced consultants will be there to aid, assist and project manage the overall process and to guide you through the development process with an eye on keeping the system useable, practical and sensible. 


Please feel free to contact us to discuss the overall process and the commitment required.