Introducing P-IMS.

A unique way to build your own Secure Business Management Web Site using only Microsoft Office Documents 

Develop Content in Microsoft Office and publish to P-IMS and give users secure access anywhere. Download the latest Forms, Policy or Procedures

Navigate freely through all your Management System Documents -

Process Flows,


Forms, etc.

Easily download documents to your device


What is P-IMS?

Here are some examples of what else the system is capable of....

Create a Fleet Management System....

just by developing a Visio Document

Create Innovative ways of presenting Company Information to all your Staff


Develop a Facility 


representation of your facility to give all users access to key documentation  

Create an interactive plan of you site and give easy access to the latest documentation

P-IMS Application
Integrated Management System

A new and novel way to manage and publish your Business Management System so that it is accesible to all.


Utilising the Microsoft Office Suite take individual documents, link them together, publish to application. The content is now available to view or down load on any device.


Access controlled - Fast to view - Easy to download.

Predefined Content
Integrated Management System

Utilising the P-IMS tool give your Management System the boost it needs. Utilise our predefined process flows along with template procedures and blank forms to implement and use or edit and publish.


Take the effort out of developing your own Management System. Get everything you need to create your own ISO 9001 - Quality, ISO 14001 - Environmental or ISO 45001 - Health and Safety Management System.



"The system is interactive and links process maps, documents and relative forms and it is very straight forward to use understand, just a short training session required. It provides the backbone of the company’s management system. Employees, Customers and auditors are always impressed with it!" - PN 


"As an internal auditor I am always looking for process documentation as a starting point for an evaluation of key business processes within any organization.

The Pragmatic Solution is simple to use and efficient in obtaining a view of key business processes instantly. A well thought out automated solution such as Pragmatic's drastically reduces downtime on searching for documents and when  interviewing multiple personnel to obtain the same information!

Up to date process flows that are controlled in a central site, and effectively communicated to organization personnel, gets you well on your way to an efficient and effective internal audit. Who doesn't want that?

Well done Pragmatic" - KS